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Sidewalk Signs

What are Sidewalk Signs?

You can find signs all over the sidewalks. They are typically situated outside restaurants, bars, cafés, retail stores, salons, barbershops, and more.

Uses for Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are effective at grabbing the attention of pedestrians and motorists passing by. They can be used to advertise the daily specials of a restaurant, the happy hour of a bar, or the sales and promotions of a retail store.

Types of Sidewalk Signs

The most common type of sidewalk sign is the A-frame sign. The A-frame sign is called such because, when seen from the side, the two-sign panels and joining crossbar make the sign look like a capital ‘A’. These sidewalk signs are typically double-sided, so people can see a sign panel coming from either direction. The sign panels can be made of chalkboard or whiteboard, allowing you to write and erase different messages on them whenever you want.

Why Choose Us for Sidewalk Signs In Rouses Point?

If you feel the storefront of your Rouses Point retail store is too non-descript, we can make you a sidewalk sign that stands out and gets people’s attention. Need an effective way of telling people the daily specials at your Rouses Point restaurant? We can make you a sidewalk sign with a Rouses Point, embossed with the name and logo of your restaurant.

Benefits of Choosing us In Rouses Point for Sidewalk Signs

If you’re in Rouses Point, or nearby, please contact us to learn more about our sidewalk signs.

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