Lake Placid Custom Decals


What are Decals?

Decals are adhesive signs that can be applied to many different surfaces. They are among the least expensive and most efficient ways to advertise and promote a business.

Uses for Decals

Decals are simple sticker signs. They are very easy to install but be careful: once you adhere a decal to a surface, you can’t reposition it; decals aren’t like magnetic vehicle signs. Decals can be adhered to walls to provide directional signs, to doors to work as door signs, to work vehicles to promote a business, and much more.

Types of Decals

The most common material for decals is vinyl. Vinyl lettering and printing is inexpensive but still looks good.

Why Choose Us for Decals In Lake Placid?

The quality of the material used for the decals and the adhesive are key to success when it comes to decals. You don’t want your decal peeling off your Lake Placid work vehicle after a month. Nor do you want the decals you used for a temporary sale in your Lake Placid retail store to rip the paint off the wall. That’s why you need high-quality decals designed and manufactured by a high-quality sign studio.

Benefits of Choosing Us In Lake Placid for Decals

At Plattsburgh Creative Signs we understand that while decals are an inexpensive form of signage, they should not look cheap. We can make top notch decals for your business in Lake Placid, NY and nearby. To get started, please contact us.

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