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Metal Signs

What are Metal Signs?

Metal signs can be made from various types of metal and used for different purposes. There are lightweight metals and heavier, sturdier metals.

Uses for Metal Signs

Metal signs can be used to state the name of a business, brand an area, promote an organization or event, provide directional information, and more. For external metal signs, a baked enamel finish makes them more durable and weatherproof as well as glossier.

Types of Metal Signs In Malone

Aluminum is typically the least expensive metal you can use for a sign. Aluminum is lightweight but still durable. When you want something sturdier or more visually striking, you can choose bronze, brass, copper, or stainless steel.

Why Choose Us for Metal Signs In Malone?

Metal signs need to be designed and manufactured properly to be cost-effective. Furthermore, picking the right metal for your metal sign is often tricky. At Plattsburgh Creative Signs, we’re sign experts; we can tell you the best materials to choose for your metal sign and then we can make it for you.

Benefits of Choosing us In Malone for Metal Signs

Whether you want some inexpensive aluminum signs for the parking lot of your restaurant in Malone or you want stainless-steel for the channel letter sign for your Malone café, we can make the great looking and durable metal signs you need. If you’re located in Malone in the North Country and would like to know more about metal signs, please get in touch with us.

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