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Political Signs

What are Political Signs?

Political signs are signs that endorse a candidate running for office, lobby on behalf of a political organization, or promote a vote on a proposition, plebiscite, or referendum.

Uses for Political Signs

For all the money being poured into politics these days, the most effective ads are not expensive television commercials but rather good old, time-tested political signs.

Types of Political Signs

The most common type of political sign is a yard sign. These signs often follow the form of what we in the signage industry call “post and panel signs”. The post or posts in question are usually thin metal rods that stick into the yard. Affixed to them is the panel, often laminated cardboard, particle board, or foam core. But there are other types of political signs, too, such as billboards, bus shelter signs, flags, and more.

Why Choose Us for Political Signs In Burlington?

Political signs are crucial to the success of a political campaign. The more of your neighbours you see endorsing a candidate, the likelier you are to vote for that candidate. But nobody is going to want to put a poorly designed political sign on their Burlington, VT front lawn.

Benefits of Choosing Us In Burlington for Yard Signs

Whether you’re managing a campaign in Burlington, volunteering for a candidate in Burlington, VT, or campaigning on a ballot issue in Burlington, you need a local sign studio to make you the best political sign possible. We can do that. Please contact us to get started.

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