4 Ways You Can Use Signage To Spruce Up Your Storefront

Your storefront is the face of your business. Let’s look at our slogan when you think of a storefront, “Your First Impression Is Our Profession”, a storefront is like a first impression of a business. Businesses in northern New York and Vermont need a storefront that is welcoming, identifiable, and effective at promoting you. Here are four ways signage can help you achieve this.

1. Above All Else, Your Storefront Needs To Identify Your Business. You Can Use Both Exterior And Interior Signs For This Purpose.

Installing flags on the roof of small buildings, just above your storefront, or on the lawn along the walkway to your business is a colorful and creative way to get your business noticed. Banners can also be used for this purpose but let’s face it, the climate of northern New York and Vermont is not ideal for outdoor signage year-round. If you can afford a channel letter sign or other electric signs that can be seen during the dark during the darker December days in Malone, NY, or the February blizzards in Burlington, VT, then you should install them on your storefront because they are effective tools.

But not every storefront in Malone or Burlington has the space for these signs. Yet, they do often have storefront windows! Storefront windows are excellent spaces for signage. Adhere vinyl lettering or graphics to the inside of your window and they will be protected from the elements and identify your business.

2. Storefronts Are Excellent Spaces For Promotion And Branding. Plus, They Can Be Used To Advertise Functional Information.

Not every storefront sign must be a beautifully designed tribute to the greatness of your business. Sometimes storefront signs need to communicate basic information. For example, the hours of operation sign. People need to know when your Malone business is open. Hours of operation signs can serve this purpose; open/closed signs can be useful, as can be vinyl lettering displaying a website address and/or slogan.

3. Storefront Signs Don’t Have To Block What You See Out The Window. There Is A Way Around This:

Window film is great for storefront signs because it allows people see your storefront sign while you can still see outside. Tiny perforations mean you can see outside, but those outside see a beautiful promotional sign. For example, a gym in Burlington can use window film depicting fit people working out to inspire people to come in and sign up for a membership.

4. In The Age Of COVID, We’re Seeing Another Application Of Storefront Signs.

As businesses reopen in New York and Vermont, they are having to alter how they conduct business to keep everybody safe from the coronavirus. A storefront sign declaring your businesses policies on physical distancing and mask-wearing is a good idea.

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