5 Keys To Flawless Vinyl Lettering Installations In Plattsburgh, NY

5 Keys To Flawless Vinyl Lettering Installations In Plattsburgh, NY

Installing your newly printed lettering may seem like a simple pasting job, but it is not. It is important that you get a professional to help you out because if the outcome is not what you’d expect, you would most likely be changing the vinyl lettering sooner than expected. At Plattsburg Creative Signs, we make sure to not just deliver attractive signs, but also help with the installation process. Take a look at the 5 key methods we follow when it comes to vinyl lettering installation in Plattsburgh, NY.

  1. Our team makes sure that the surface on which these vinyl letterings are placed, is clean. Depending on the surface you choose to place them on, our team ensures to use of the right cleaning agents. There must be no soap residue left behind, and we make sure to deliver the best outcome.
  2. The next step is to hold the lettering in place with tape. After the team is convinced that the letters are aligned in the designated manner, we move on to the next step. We take care of all the measurements so that there is no problem.
  3. A squeegee is used to make sure the letters are pressed down and bubbles are done away with. This is done to ensure your vinyl lettering looks flawless and attractive once installed.
  4. Once the letters are secured to the surface, the masking is taken off to reveal the outcome. Our team ensures that they pull it at the right angle. In case the letters are not pressed down well, the masking is pressed down again and the squeegee is used to ensure that the letters settle.
  5. Finally, once the letters are placed, they will be lightly cleaned to make them look all the more attractive.

When you choose vinyl lettering for promoting your business, once it is placed, make sure that you look into its maintenance. Clean it regularly because if it looks dirty, people are unlikely to enter your store. Also, when maintained well, the lettering can last you a long time.

Get in touch with our team at Plattsburgh Creative Signs in case you are looking for professional help. Our team is skilled and has the required expertise to execute projects. So, save your time and effort and work with us to create attractive vinyl lettering in Plattsburgh, NY.

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