6 Things You Can Do With Sidewalk Signs

6 Things You Can Do With Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are inexpensive, easy to move, and easy to store. Yet, despite their affordability, they can be remarkably effective signs if you use them correctly. Here are six uses for sidewalk signs.

1. Use Sidewalk Signs To Increase The Visibility Of Your Business.

“Building signage” is a term used to describe a sign that is installed on a building that identifies that building or the business that occupies it. Building signs are some of the most common signs and if you own a commercial building or a business therein, you should probably have a building sign. But building signs aren’t always enough.

Picture the Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, Vermont. It’s often quite busy and a bit cramped. People don’t always look to their left or right to study the signs on all the buildings. But  a sidewalk sign with a sign panel facing their direction is hard to miss. People are going to notice that sidewalk sign and, thus, your business.

2. Use Sidewalk Signs To Advertise Certain Products Or Services.

While your sidewalk sign has somebody’s attention, you should say more than just the name of your business. Mention the special craft beer you serve at your Burlington restaurant or the services that your Malone, New York, salon offers.

3. Use Sidewalk Signs To Advertise Daily Specials.

Sidewalk signs are especially popular among restaurants, cafés, and bars. These businesses tend to use sidewalk signs that have chalkboard or whiteboard sign panels. This way, they can write something different on it every day if they want. That Burlington restaurant can advertise the Soup of the Day while a Malone bar or concert venue can promote the band that is playing.

4. Use Sidewalk Signs To Promote Sales Events.

Sidewalk signs aren’t just for restaurants and bars. Retail stores can use sidewalk signs to promote seasonal sales, grand openings, and other promotions and events.

5. Use Sidewalks Signs To Brand Outdoor Spaces.

If your northern New York or Vermont business has a vaguely defined outdoor space, use a sidewalk sign to brand the area as belonging to you. Sidewalk signs are great for patio cafes, picnic tables outside ice cream parlors, and more.

6. Use Sidewalk Signs To Convey The Characteristics Of Your Brand.

Whatever you use your sidewalk sign for, make sure it is branded with the name of your business and/or your logo. If you have a sidewalk sign with a whiteboard or chalkboard, go ahead and write a funny joke or catchy witticism to get people’s attention.

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