Putting Sign Design Theory To Practice: Data-Driven Tips To Boost ROI

Putting Sign Design Theory To Practice: Data-Driven Tips To Boost ROI

As times are changing and the new year begins, things are seemingly going to progress just as they do, year-on-year. If you are looking to promote your business with the help of signage then you should begin to put the sign design theory into practice. What’s that? You shouldn’t worry since we at Plattsburgh Creative Signs will keep you informed and give you insight into the branding and signage trends you need to be aware of to boost your ROI.

  1. Are you aware that poorly designed signage might truly harm your company and everything that you have built over the years? Illegible signs serve no purpose. What use are tradeshow and event signs that prompt consumers to wonder “what is this business?” or navigation signage that makes people squint to see where they should go? Therefore, make sure that you create signs that are legible and readable.
  2. Visual clutter is a big, big no. We understand that you may want to add a lot of visually appealing elements, but when they come together, they can look bad. So, make sure to get them designed professionally for a better outcome.
  3. Make sure to always create an appropriate balance between the text and graphics you use. Depending on variables like viewing distance, sign height, whether your sign is intended for pedestrians or drivers, or passengers in passing cars, and other criteria, there are relatively complicated algorithms that determine how readable your sign panels will be. Therefore, it’s best to leave the job to professionals, because they understand these factors perfectly well.
  4. Using the right blend of colors is very important. It is a good idea to start by looking at the color wheel to see which hues might go well together for both legibility and a pleasing appearance.
  5. Don’t have a brand guidelines book to follow for your signage? No problem. Even if your company’s marketing materials don’t follow a branding style guide, you probably have a set of default colors and typefaces that you frequently utilize. You probably have a logo as well. Make sure to use them most effectively so that people know the brand that is communicating with them.

We strongly believe in putting the sign design theory into practice because the results are always the best. So, contact us today if you are looking for effective signage solutions.

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