What Are The Benefits Of Channel Letters?

What Are The Benefits Of Channel Letters?

Channel letters are a popular and effective tool to make commercial signs really pop and stand out. If you manage a business in Northern New York, Northern Vermont, or the nearby area, you could really benefit by using channel letters!

Most Signs Only Utilize Two Dimensions Whereas Channel Letters Benefit By Expanding Into The Third Dimension.

When you imagine a sign, what do you picture? Whether it’s a banner proclaiming a “back to school” sale in a retail store in Burlington, Vermont, a sign on a storefront window in Malone, New York, or a magnetic sign on a contractor’s truck parked in front of a Massena, New York, job site, it’s effectively a two-dimensional sign. All those signs can be effective and there’s skill and artistry involved in designing all of them! However, they’re restricted to just two dimensions: height and width. The depth of these signs is miniscule and not part of the design of the sign. Using channel letters, you don’t have to fret!

How To Channel Letters Are Raised Off Of The Surface Of The Sign Panel Which Makes Them More Visually Exciting?

Channel letters can really pop out into the field of vision of onlookers. Materials are important for channel letters. Popular choices include different types of plastic as well as metals, such as aluminum for lightweight signs, brass or copper for a more refined look, and stainless steel for a more impactful and resonant aesthetic. Other materials can be used as well, it all depends on what’s best for your busines in Burlington, Malone, Massena, or wherever.

Channel Letters Are Effective At Generating Impressions! By Using Channel Letters Your Business Will Really Stand Out With Illumination.

So far, what we’ve discussed are effectively dimensional letters. Once dimensional letters are illuminated, we refer to them as channel letters. Illumination makes channel letters much more visible. It means a retail store in Burlington can be seen even in a snowstorm. It means a restaurant in Massena can promote themselves at night. And it means a channel letter sign in the lobby of a Malone business can stand out against other visual stimuli. Channel letters can be mounted directly to a wall or on a raceway or wire way, which are mounting structures. A raceway houses the electrical components of the channel letter sign. A wire way contains only the wiring, so they are thinner and lighter than raceways.

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At Plattsburgh Creative Signs, we can design, manufacture, and install the perfect channel letter sign for your business in Burlington, Malone, Massena, or nearby in Northern Vermont or the North Country of New York. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call us at 518-324-SIGN.

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