What is a Pylon Sign and When Do You Need One?

what is a pylon sign

Some signage terms are simple to understand. While you may not know everything about “door signs” or “aluminum signs”, the names themselves give you a pretty good idea of what they are. But what about a “pylon sign”?

If you’re not sure what a pylon sign is, don’t worry. We’re familiar with the signage industry and here to keep you up to date!

A pylon sign sounds like it’s a sign strapped to an orange traffic cone. This is not the case. In fact, a pylon sign is a large-scale outdoor sign primarily used to increase a business’s visibility. If you’re familiar with a monument sign, then you’ll understand the basic concept.

Every business needs a sign that identifies them to the outside world. Yet sometimes, the physical realities of your business mean that a sign installed on your building is not particularly effective.

You need a sign to identify and promote your business! There are a variety of business signs and building signs you can use for this purpose, but all of these presuppose that your building is visible from the nearest street on which most people will pass by. Some businesses are situated too far away from the nearest street to be widely visible.

This is when monument and pylon signs are useful. By installing a large sign on your property closer to a main street, it will increase your business’s visibility. For example, let’s imagine you operate an outlet retail store just off of Interstate 87 near Plattsburgh, NY. Being near a highway like I-87 has pros and cons. On the positive side, many people will pass by your business. On the negative side, they’re often driving quite fast. You need a large and easily readable sign for them to see. A large monument or pylon sign works perfectly for this.

Both pylon and monument signs can be used to increase the visibility of businesses in Plattsburgh, and elsewhere in the North Country. But what’s the difference between the two?

There is no universally agreed upon definition of the difference between a monument sign and pylon sign. Different cities have different ordinances that define the two types of signs. Generally speaking, pylon signs are signs that are taller, more vertically oriented. Monument signs are typically stouter. For the example of a retail store outside of Plattsburgh, a pylon sign would be preferred because its height will maximize your business’s visibility!

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