What Is Window Film And How Does It Work?

What is Window Film, and How Does it Work?

What is Window Film?

Window film is a type of adhesive signage that you can apply to your business’s doors, windows, and vehicles. These films are made of textured or colored polyester laminate that can be custom designed with an endless array of size, shape, and graphic options. They are also constructed with tiny perforations to avoid blocking the view from inside the window.

Uses For Window Film

Storefront Graphics

Your storefront windows are an excellent asset to help you communicate your brand messaging to customers and passersby. Put them to work for your business by installing a larger-than-life, eye-catching graphic to draw attention and attract customers to your location.

Office Privacy

Window films can also be used to create the look of frosted glass. This provides privacy to people within an office surrounded by glass without blocking natural light from illuminating the space.

Interior Graphics

Window films can also be constructed with two-way imaging allowing you to see the graphic from both inside and outside the window. This enables you to transform unused window space into a sort of billboard that communicates your brand messaging to people on both sides of the glass.

Vehicle Graphics

Another way to grow your business is by adding window films to your company vehicles. If you have a car, truck, or SUV that is traveling across Plattsburgh, visiting clients, think of how much exposure that creates for your business? With films, you can transform any company vehicle into a 24/7 mobile billboard. That’s better visibility than any other type of signage can give you.

Benefits Of Using Window Film

Energy Saving

Commercial buildings often use HVAC systems to keep a building comfortable. Up to 30% of your AC energy is used to cool the heat created through exposed windows. One of the benefits of installing window films is that it acts as insulation for your windows, keeping the heat out in the summer and warm air in during the winter.

Glare Reduction And Daylight Redirection

Depending on the direction your windows face, sunlight could be the source of numerous issues. Glare off the windows from the sun reduces street-front visibility, which makes it hard to communicate your message to people walking by. Additionally, sunshine coming in the windows can have a blinding effect on anyone in your store. Window films can drastically reduce both of these things happening while continuing to get your brand messaging across.

Safety And Security

It’s no secret that, while your windows are an excellent way to advertise your brand, they are also where your building is most vulnerable to break-ins and intruders. Professionally installed window film prevents the glass from shattering and sending potentially harmful shards flying if someone should try and break the window.

When it comes to storefront windows, they are often the most overlooked asset you have at your disposal as a business owner. If you are looking to take advantage of all that unused real estate, elevate your storefront, or communicate your brand messaging, contact Plattsburgh Creative Signs. Our consultants will guide you through the design process to installation with ease.

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