4 Uses for Floor Graphics

4 Uses for Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are somewhat unorthodox. But they are highly effective. In fact, it’s partly their unorthodox nature that makes them effective. Here are four uses for floor graphics.

1. The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Had Many Unexpected Consequences. One Of Them Is Increased Utilization Of Floor Graphics. Use Floor Graphics To Promote Physical Distancing In Your Plattsburgh, Ny, Grocery Store.

COVID-9 has disrupted and closed businesses all over the North Country of New York and Plattsburgh is no different. Grocery stores have had to stay open and they have cleverly used floor graphics to indicate where people should stand in line for the checkout as well as point out which way people should travel through the aisles. As more businesses reopen in Plattsburgh, they can take an inspiration from these grocery stores to promote physical distancing.

2. Floor Graphics Are Useful For Wayfinding Beyond The Purposes Of Physical Distancing. Use Floor Graphics At Your Ticonderoga, Ny, Business As Directional Signage.

Floor graphics can point people which way to go. But this is not limited to grocery stores nor to physical distancing. Floor graphics are highly visible and are therefore effective at providing directional information. Use floor graphics at your Ticonderoga business to point people towards the check outs, the entrance/exit, the restrooms, and more.

3. Floor Graphics Also Make For Good Lobby Signage. Use Floor Graphics To Brand The Lobby Space Of Your Lake Placid, Ny, Hotel.

A big, bold, bright floor graphic is highly effective at branding a space. If you manage a hotel, ski lodge, medical practice, office building, or any other kind of building that has a lobby in Lake Placid, you should really consider using floor graphics. Lobbies often have a wide expanse of space right in the middle of the floor. This is a perfect space to display the name of your business along with maybe a logo or slogan. This will make your business more memorable.

4. Floor Graphics And Be Used For Inspirational And Motivational Messages. A Peru, Ny, High School, Or Community Center Can Use Floor Graphics To Promote Unity And Sportsmanship.

Let’s say you’re the principal of a Peru high school and you want a way to motivate the basketball team to its best season ever. An inspirational team message on the floor of the dressing room should help. It’s what the professional sports teams do, so why not the Peru high school basketball team? You may not be able to afford the team of physiotherapists or cryogenic chambers that the New York Knicks have, but you can certainly afford floor graphics.

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