6 Types Of Indoor Signs To Consider For Your Plattsburgh Business

6 Types Of Indoor Signs To Consider For Your Plattsburgh Business

What Are The Types Of Indoor Signage?

If you’re new to managing a business in or near Plattsburgh, NY, you will soon learn that you need many different indoor signs. Signs are something we often take for granted, so this article will help get you thinking of them.

1. Business owners usually want to discuss their commercial signs. But functional signs are needed, too. Make sure your Plattsburgh business has the directional signage you need.

Directional signs, also called wayfinding signs, direct people to places of interest or necessity. If you manage a business in Plattsburgh, think of all the places you might need to direct people towards: entrances/exits, restrooms, stairwells, elevators, reception desks, fire escapes, and more.

2. Another question business owners in Plattsburgh must ask themselves is not so much which indoor signs they need, but where they will install them. Walls make great spaces for signs and graphics.

Some signs are defined by their function, by their composite materials, or by their shape. Wall graphics are defined by where they are installed. Wall signs are a versatile form of indoor signage. Vinyl decals are an inexpensive option, digitally printed wallpaper can add atmosphere, and a ceiling-to-floor wall mural can motivate staff or entertain guests.

3. What’s an effective way to brand your indoor Plattsburgh space? You need people to know that this pace belongs to your business. One popular indoor sign you can use to achieve this is an acrylic sign.

Acrylic signs are excellent indoor signs for two main reasons: One, they look sophisticated and professional and two, they don’t cost as much as other indoor sign options, such as glass. Acrylic signs are often used to display the name of a business, sometimes along with a logo or slogan.

4. If your Plattsburgh-area business contains a lobby, then you have something else to think about. Lobbies need their own types of indoor signs.

Acrylic signs are often found inside lobbies. They’re good at branding the lobby and identifying it as belonging to the business, hotel, residential building, or medical practice that operates out of that lobby. Your basic lobby signage should all be uniform, however. Using the same materials, colors, and fonts for your lobby signage shows professionalism and helps communicate your brand’s identity.

5. Not all indoor signs are meant to be permanent. Retractable banners are inexpensive and can serve multiple purposes for Plattsburgh businesses.

Retractable banner stands are great for many reasons. Banners are inexpensive and effective, but traditional banners can be difficult to use because you need the infrastructure from which to hang it. A banner stand means you can place your vertically-oriented banner anywhere you want. And being retractable makes it easy to move and store. Retractable banners are great for promotions, sales, and trade shows.

6. No matter what indoor signs you want for your Plattsburgh, NY, business, you need to make sure they are ADA compliant.

If you manage a business in Plattsburgh or nearby in the North Country of New York or just across the state border in Vermont, you need to make sure that your signs are in compliance with local and state Americans with Disabilities Act laws. Plattsburgh Creative Signs can help you figure that out. To learn more about ADA signage or about other indoor signs, please contact us.

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