6 Ways To Use Wall Graphics

6 Ways To Use Wall Graphics

A big question that surrounds signs is where you place them and what kind of sign panel you use. Walls can answer both those questions. Walls often have space for graphics and they can act as their own panels. Here are six ways to use wall graphics.

1. Use Wall Graphics To Identify Your Business.

Whether it’s on an exterior wall on the front of your business or inside your business, wall graphics are great to identify your business and brand the area around it as belonging to you. Electric signs, such as channel letters, are great signs for the exterior wall of your Plattsburgh, NY, business because they boost your visibility, especially at night, in the rain, or in the snow.

2. Use Wall Graphics To Identify Areas Within Your Business.

Wall graphics are great for identifying different areas within a business or building. If you manage a department store in Burlington, VT, use wall graphics to identify different areas where different brands and products can be found.

3. Use Wall Graphics To Provide Wayfinding Information.

Walls are often the best spaces on which to install wayfinding information. Simple vinyl cutouts, such as arrows, can point to different areas of interest, such as restrooms, checkouts, or different product areas, such as in the Burlington department store of the previous example.

4. Use Wall Graphics To Create An Ambience.

Wall graphics are also effective at creating an ambience. For example, if you manage an Indian restaurant in Plattsburgh, wall graphics depicting different monuments and images from India can help set a great atmosphere for your diners. You can use vinyl graphics for this or even digitally printed wallpaper.

5. Use Wall Graphics To Engage Customers.

Similarly, you can use more engaging and eye-catching wall graphics to really capture the attention of your customers. For example, a dentist in Plattsburgh who caters to families can put up fun wall graphics of cartoons to engage their child clients and calm them down in what can be a very nerve-wracking atmosphere for children.

6. Use Wall Graphics To Motivate Staff.

So far most of the examples of wall graphics we’ve discussed are directed towards customers and clients. However, wall graphics can also be directed towards staff and employees. Large-scale wall graphics, such as a floor-to-ceiling mural, can be very effective at motivating a staff. For example, an office in Burlington can use wall graphics depicting motivational slogans and/or images to promote unity and make them care about their work.

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