What 2020 Taught Us As A Custom Sign Company In Plattsburgh

What 2020 Taught Us as a Custom Sign Company in Plattsburgh

2020 was. . .a challenging year. It threw up a lot of challenges for us as a custom sign company in Plattsburgh, as it has for just about everybody else in the world. What did we learn from 2020 and how can we all improve going forward?

Life For A Plattsburgh Sign Company During A Pandemic.

Many of you reading this blog are business owners or managers. And many of you will likely have closed your business for a while during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. And unless you manage a grocery store, drugstore, or clinic, you will have almost certainly seen at least a temporary reduction in business. At Plattsburgh Creative Signs, our 2020 was no different. When a global pandemic strikes, the last thing you probably think of is your signage. And we, like everybody, were hopeful that this awful pandemic would be over in a few months.

That didn’t happen. At that point, we, like many of you, realized that life (and business) must go on. But it must go on as safely as possible. And that’s when it became clear: as a custom sign company, our clients in Plattsburgh in elsewhere in the North Country of New York, needs us now more than ever. And we had to rise to meet our valued customers’ needs.

COVID-19 Signage

The most obvious differences between life as custom sign company in Plattsburgh in 2019 versus 2020 is the design and manufacturing of COVID-19 signage. Businesses from Massena, to Plattsburgh, to across Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT, need a way to keep their staff and customers safe while still doing business. This is impossible without COVID-19 signage. Some COVID signage is basic enough; vinyl cutouts of footprints adhered to the floor to help people keep at least six feet apart. But other COVID signage needs to display unique information about your business’s COVID policies. No matter what kind of COVID signage you need, you should hire a custom sign company in Plattsburgh to design COVID signage that is on-brand with your New York or Vermont business’s aesthetic.

Maintaining A Relationship With Your Customers.

Even if you can’t stay open, it’s wise to maintain a connection to your customers. You can do that with commercials, but you can also do that with signage. A professionally-made sign in the window of your Plattsburgh bar can tell people what your plan is and that you look forward to being able to serve them again.

Plattsburgh Creative Signs

Plattsburgh Creative Signs can make COVID signage or any signage you need quickly, and we can design it to perfectly fit your brand’s image. Please contact us today to learn more.


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