“Do I Need A Monument Sign?”

"Do I Need a Monument Sign?"

Monument signs are effective at increasing the visibility of your business in northern New York or Vermont. But monument signs aren’t necessary for every business and building. Could you use a monument sign?

What Are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are large outdoor signs. As the name suggests, they can be quite formidable in size. A monument sign is more than just a sign panel atop a tall pole. The base of a monument sign is often made of cement, brick, or stone, so they’re quite heavy and often quite wide. They can be utilitarian in appearance or they can be quite ornate. The purpose of a monument sign is to increase the visibility of a business, building, or institution.

How Do Monument Signs Work?

Imagine a ski resort or lodge of some kind in the Lake Placid area off Highway 86. Lodges and hotels are never right by the highway, they are further in land for acoustic, scenic, and parking purposes. As such, you might not even be able to see the building from the highway, let alone read what a building sign says. Clearly, this Lake Placid resort needs a sign by the highway so people don’t simply speed right past them.

That sign should be a monument sign. Even uncomplicated monument signs look impressive by their sheer size. They demonstrate that a business, in this case a Lake Placid resort, has taken the time and expense to install a monument sign, which communicates success and professionalism. Monument signs also convey a sense of permanence. Monument signs are clearly not temporary signage. You don’t install a monument sign if you’re not sure you’re going to stick around on that property for more than a year.

Other Uses For Monument Signs

You needn’t manage a Lake Placid ski resort separated from Highway 86 by 500 feet of forest to benefit from a monument sign. Monument signs can increase business even if you’re only separated from the nearest road by a parking lot. Imagine a strip mall in Malone, NY. It’s difficult to notice each of the individual businesses in that Malone strip mall while driving by and squinting at the each of the storefront signs. A monument sign makes it much clearer. Furthermore, if you manage that Malone strip mall property, you might want to install a tenant sign. A tenant sign is a monument sign that displays the names of all the businesses that operate on the same property.

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At Plattsburgh Creative Signs, we design, manufacture, and install monument signs for clients in Lake Placid, Malone, and elsewhere in the North Country of New York, as well as Vermont. Contact us today to learn more.

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