Thank You 20 Below Deli!

Thank You 20 Below Deli!

20 Below Deli

20 Below Deli is located in Plattsburgh, NY and is owned and operated by a local family.  Their deli is located in historic downtown Plattsburgh at 37 Bridge Street and is conveniently located near SUNY Plattsburgh.  They offer Boar’s Head brand meats and cheeses only, and all of their sandwiches are hand crafted just for you! Gluten Free sandwiches are also available and all Boar’s Head Products can be sliced to order.  Whether you’re planning a holiday event, a family event or a business luncheon, 20 Below Deli can help you out! Make sure you call or email them to get more information about everything they can offer!

What Is Window Film?

20 Below Deli reached out to us for some window film and we couldn’t be happier with how their storefrontturned out! Window film is an adhesive form of signage that is designed to be applied to windows.  Window film can be used in storefronts of retail businesses, restaurants, and other service businesses.  It can also be used on work vehicles so you can advertise your business as you drive around! Businesses around the Plattsburgh area are upgrading and reaching out to us for storefront signs like window film, road signs, banners, and much more! 

Types Of Window Film

I’m sure you’re thinking “If I apply window film to the moving trucks of my moving truck business in Plattsburgh, NY, then you won’t be able to see out the window!” A lot of window film is designed to work one-way.  From the outside looking in, you see a wonderful sign or image, and from the inside looking out, you see out the window.  This can be done by using many tiny perforations in the window film.  Sounds pretty cool, right? Or, if you aren’t interested in seeing out, you can get double-sided window film too! So many different options to choose from to fit everyone’s needs!

Why Choose Plattsburgh Creative Signs?

Let our team here at Plattsburgh Creative Signs step in and help you! If your business is looking for a window film, reach out to us today! At Plattsburgh Creative Signs we know that window film signs need to look sharp to capture people’s attention.  But we also know durability is key.  You don’t want your window film/graphic peeling off after a few months.  That’s why we only use high quality window film.  We can design and manufacture more types of window signs than you can dream of! We want to be there for you and your team to ensure that you’re taking advantage of all branding and advertising opportunities for your business.  If you’re in Plattsburgh, or nearby, and would like to learn more about window film, please contact us.

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