What Does “Building Signage” Mean, Exactly?

What Does Building Signage Mean, Exactly Burlington

Some terms in the signage industry are not clear to the uninitiated. Channel letters, monument signs, ADA signs; these are all terms that generally need to be explained. Then there’s “building signage”. It seems obvious, but what does it mean, exactly?

Building Signage Means. . .Probably pxactly what you think it means.

Building signage means signs on buildings.

OK, thanks for reading, if you’d like to commission a building sign, please contact Plattsburgh Creat—no, no, we’re not finished yet. “Signs on buildings” is not a very helpful or descriptive definition, is it? While, technically, any sign on the exterior of a building can be called “building signage” there’s often a little more to it, than that.

How to Building Signage Identifies Buildings.

Building signage should be visible to whom you want to see your building. If most people will pass by your Lake Placid, New York, building via automobile, you want a fairly large building sign so that people will notice you. And, of course, you want a well-designed building sign that looks good and professional. But an effective building sign goes beyond just looking nice and being highly visible.

Visibility and attractiveness are both important qualities in a building sign, but it should do more. Building signage should say something about your building or business. It should represent the brand of your Lake Placid or Plattsburgh business or organization in some way. Doing this could be accomplished by straightforward means, such as incorporating logo or slogan into your building signage. But building signage can project your brand identity in more subtle ways, too, such as by using the same font or colors that appear in your other promotional material.

Building signage needs to be unique to be effective. You don’t want to copy other building signage because, for one, you could be sued for trademark infringement. But more than that, you don’t want your building sign to be generic.

A ski lodge in Lake Placid or Plattsburgh requires business signage that looks different and conveys different qualities than building signage of an office building in Burlington, Vermont. A ski lodge should have building signage that looks warm, inviting, and maybe a bit fun. Office building signage should look stately, professional, and trustworthy. By working with sign experts at a local sign studio, you can learn the subtle design techniques you can employ to convey the important qualities of your Lake Placid business, or any business nearby, for that matter.

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