What Is Sign Permitting And When Is It Required In The North Country?

What Is Sign Permitting And When Is It Required In The North Country?

Sign permitting in Plattsburgh, New York, is sometimes required. Some signs need permits to be installed and not having a permit could result in a fine and having to remove your sign. Here’s what you need to know about sign permitting in Plattsburgh, NY.

Sign Permitting In Plattsburgh, NY

Sometimes you need permission to put up a sign. Local authorities, such as the City of Plattsburgh, need to sign off on the installation of certain signs. Signs are regulated by laws and by-laws and you want to make sure you abide by these before you have your sign made and installed.

If I Own Or Rent A Property, Don’t I Have The Right To Put Up Any Sign I Want?

No, actually, you don’t. Just as you need zoning permission to build a house or building on a property, or to cut down a large tree, you need permission for certain signs. These laws and by-laws exist for the sake of community harmony and there are sometimes practical issues to consider as well, such as how a sign might interact with underground pipes or electrical wires.

What Signs Require Permitting?

Specifically, we’re talking about large outdoor signs; nobody is going to hassle you for putting up vinyl letters on your shop window (assuming they don’t spell out something vulgar). However, a large monument sign at the edge of your property? A formidable yard sign? These might require permittance from a governing authority. Occasionally, light can also be a factor. Some jurisdictions have light pollution regulations and these can theoretically impact lighted signs such as channel letters and other electric signs.

Are Sign Permitting Applications Always The Same?

That’s the frustrating thing: the application process varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The laws and bylaws governing signs in Plattsburgh are not necessarily the same as in Ticonderoga. It’s even possible that different neighborhoods within Plattsburgh or Ticonderoga have different rules. Not to mention how a city in a different state, such as Burlington over in Vermont, might handle sign permitting and applications differently.

Plattsburgh Creative Signs Can Help You With All Your Sign Permitting Needs.

At Plattsburgh Creative Signs, we don’t just design and manufacture signs, we also install them and we can make sure you have the permittance you need. We can help clients in Plattsburgh, Ticonderoga, and elsewhere in the North Country of New York State—as well as clients in Burlington, VT—negotiate the application process and get the permission to install the signs they want. To learn more about sign permitting in Plattsburgh, NY, please get in touch with us via our website or call us at 518-324-7446.

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