What You Can Do With Vehicle Window Film

What You Can Do With Vehicle Window Film

Vehicle window film is an underused tool by businesses in northern New York and Vermont. And that’s a shame because vehicle window film can be incredibly effective. Here’s how vehicle window film can help you.

Vehicle Graphics Have An Exceptionally Good Risk-To-Reward Ratio.

Let’s imagine you are a plumber in Malone, NY. Plumbers have a different worksite every week and sometimes every day and even multiple worksites in the same day. As a plumber, you have to drive to different houses all over Malone, not to mention to houses and offices in Plattsburgh, Lake Placid, Massena, and elsewhere in the North Country of New York. Indeed, many days you will spend more time driving than actually working. How do you make use of all this commuting time?

A smart plumber will factor in all that travel time into the rates they charge their clients. But there’s more you can do. What if all the time you spent driving was also spent advertising? By installing a vehicle graphic on your work vehicle, you can promote your plumbing business everywhere you go. You can generate thousands of impressions every day whether you’re driving around Malone, stuck in traffic on I-87 just outside of Plattsburgh, or even parked outside a jobsite in Lake Placid.

Vehicle Window Film Makes Vehicle Graphics More Pronounced.

There are different types of vehicle graphics. If budget is a top-of-mind concern, you can opt for simple vinyl lettering. Keep in mind, however, that all vehicle graphics are relatively inexpensive; they’re basically the cheapest form of advertising available. Given this, many businesses prefer a large-scale vehicle graphic, such as a vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap is called such because the graphic appears on multiple sides of the vehicle, thus “wrapping” around it.

You can design your vehicle wrap to simply go around your windows, but this is not your only option. Vehicle window film allows you to install a graphic and still see out the window. Many small perforations in the window film allow people seated inside the vehicle to see outside. However, those outside the vehicle see only a solid graphic. While you can’t install vehicle window film on your windshield, you can install it on other windows to give your vehicle wrap a fully formed, and therefore more vivid and complete, look.

Plattsburgh Creative Signs

At Plattsburgh Creative Signs, we can design, manufacture, and install high-quality window vehicle film for you, whether you’re a plumber in Malone, or you need a whole fleet of rental cars branded with graphics in Lake Placid. Our vehicle window film is durable and will never damage your window. Please contact us today to learn more.

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