Why Retractable Banners Might Just Be The Most Versatile Sign

Why Retractable Banners Might Just be the Most Versatile Sign

Retractable banners have a myriad of potential uses for businesses, organizations, institutions, and properties in northern New York and Vermont. What can you use a retractable banner for?

What Do Retractable Banners Retract Into?

Before we go over their many possible uses, let’s first describe the retractable banner in case you’re not familiar with this kind of sign. We all know banners, but not all banners hang. Some banners can be stood up on their own stands. These banners are usually oriented vertically, though large horizontal banners can be used as printed backdrops. They’re called retractable banners because they can retract. Into what? Into themselves! No, they’re not some sort of scientific anomaly, the banner fabric merely rolls up into the stand. This makes them more durable and more easily portable.

Retractable Banners Make For Great Temporary Signage.

Retractable banners are inexpensive and can be designed and manufactured relatively quickly. This means they’re not cost-prohibitive for temporary use. Is the apartment building you manage in Burlington having an open house? Use a retractable banner to identify and promote it. Are you organizing an outdoor event in Plattsburgh? Use retractable banners to display wayfinding information. Does your Lake Placid retail store have a sale coming up? Promote that sale and identify sale items with a retractable banner.

Retractable Banners Are Great For Seasonal Or Recurring Use.

Is that sale at your Lake Placid retail store a summer sale? If it’s a sale you have every year, then getting a retractable banner makes even more sense. You can use a retractable banner for that Lake Placid store’s summer sale, or a Burlington school’s fall fair, and then when the event is over, you simply roll the banner into its stand and put it in storage for another year.

Retractable Banners Are Great For Trade Show Displays.

Trade shows offer businesses the opportunity to impress a group of people who have self-selected as being in your target demographic simply by attending the trade show. Trade shows allow you to network and wow the competition, as well. But trade shows can only be beneficial to your business if you have a good display and a great addition to any display is a retractable banner. An eye-catching and on-brand retractable banner will draw people into your trade show booth and demonstrate the professionality of your business.

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