4 Effective Uses Of Wall Graphics

4 Effective Uses Of Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can be arresting, informative, and effective. But which wall graphics might be best for you? Here are four effective uses of wall graphics.

1. Wall Graphics Are Effective At Branding Spaces.

One common usage of wall graphics is to brand a space. If you manage a ski lodge or resort in Lake Placid, NY, you probably have some kind of lobby. Wall graphics displaying your resort’s logo or a name, possibly along with suitable imagery such as people skiing or snowshoeing, would be a nice added touch. For one, they will let people know they’ve arrived at the right resort as soon as they enter. But apart from identifying your Lake Placid resort, these wall graphics can help establish the tone of your business and demonstrate your professionalism.

2. Wall Graphics Are Effective At Communicating Functional Information.

Let’s say you manage a restaurant in Plattsburgh wherein the restrooms are downstairs from the main dining area. How can you communicate where the restrooms are to your diners? The simplest way would be to write “RESTROOMS” and a downward arrow on the wall in marker. But that would look awful. However, store-bought signage doesn’t look much better. Custom-designed wall graphics would look much more sophisticated and professional.

3. Wall Graphics Can Set An Ambience.

Beyond just directing people to the restroom in that Plattsburgh restaurant, those wall graphics can help create an atmosphere. Let’s say it’s an Italian restaurant. Using renderings of old photographs or cartoon graphics of an Italian man and woman to indicate the men’s and women’s restaurants will set a more cohesively Italian ambience. But wall graphics can do even more. You can use digitally printed wallpaper depicting the canals of Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the streets of Florence, and other Italian scenes to set the perfect ambience for your patrons.

4. Sometimes Wall Graphics Are Just Fun.

Wall graphics are fun to have around. Maybe you want to make your Burlington, VT, office a more fun place to work. Goofy and colorful wall graphics can help do just that. And sometimes it’s important for wall graphics to be fun for your customers. If you’re a pediatrician in Lake Placid, you probably deal with a lot of nervous kids. Fun wall graphics can relax and distract them.

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