What Type Of Vehicle Graphic Is Right For Your Business?

What Type of Vehicle Graphic is Right for Your Business?

Vehicle wraps and graphics can be some of the most effective forms of marketing and promotion for businesses in the North Country of New York. But what type of vehicle graphics works best for you?

What’s So Great About Vehicle Wraps And Graphics?

If you run a business, especially a small or even medium-sized business, you know that budgets are often tight. You want to increase business to increase revenue, but how do you do that? Marketing and advertising are the key ways to boost business but those can be expensive. Not every business can afford to run a television commercial all over the North Country of New York, or a radio ad in Burlington, Vermont, or even rent a billboard in Plattsburgh. Even if your business can afford one or all of these ways of advertising, how can you be sure it will be worth your investment? You can’t.

Marketing is inherently risky; it’s always a gamble because you never know if an ad campaign will lead to a direct boost in revenue. However, the lower the risk, the more attractive a form of marketing becomes. Vehicle wraps and graphics are incredibly low risk. They require a one-time modest outlay of cash and then that’s it. If your business has a work vehicle, then you’re going to spend time driving around northern New York or Vermont anyway. Why not promote yourself with a catchy vehicle wrap or graphic? But what’s the right type of vehicle wrap or graphic for you?

What Are The Different Types Of Vehicle Wraps And Graphics?

Here are the vehicle graphic options for your work vehicle:

  • Vehicle Lettering
    Vehicle lettering is the simplest and often most inexpensive form of vehicle graphic. By simply spelling out the name and phone number or website of your company in vinyl letters on your vehicle will increase business the more you drive around.
  • Vehicle Wraps
    Vehicle wraps are for when you want to go all out. They cover multiple sides of a vehicle, thus appearing to wrap around it. Vehicle wraps are great for displaying images, and they are often more effective than vehicle lettering for only a marginal increase in cost.
  • Vehicle Window Film
    You can even install graphics over your vehicle’s windows (but not the windshield). Window film uses tiny perforations that allow you to see outside the car window, but looking in, all people see is a solid graphic.
  • Boat Wraps
    You can even install a wrap on your boat!

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