6 Common Trade Show Signage Mistakes To Avoid

6 Common Trade Show Signage Mistakes To Avoid

What Are The Common Trade Show Signage Mistakes To Avoid

Trade shows are crucial to the success of many businesses. And crucial to success at a trade show is having an effective trade show signage display. Here’s what not to do:

1. Being Too Timid – Trade Show Signage Displays Need To Stand Out Against A Lot Of Other Visual Stimuli.

Yours is not the only booth at the trade show. You have plenty of competitors. You need to get noticed and you need to stand out. You can’t do that with small or muted trade show signage displays. You don’t want to veer into flashy territory, but it makes sense to step things upand being more bold.

2. Neglecting Portability – You Need To Get Your Signage Display To The Trade Show, Perhaps Multiple Trade Shows.

Your trade show signage display needs to be easy to move and easy to set up. You need a great trade show signage display, yes, but it can’t be too intricate. It needs to be portable and durable. This makes retractable banners great for trade show signage displays. They’re easy to set up and when you’re done you can simply retract the banner into the stand to keep it safe during transportation.

3. Being Too Cheap – Trade Show Signage Displays Shouldn’t Cost An Arm And A Leg, But You Can’t Skimp Out On Them, Either.

Cheap signs are likely to get damaged during moving, so you don’t want that. You also don’t want your trade show signage display to look cheap. You don’t need to spend lavishly on signage you’ll only use one time or once a year, but you still can’t go too cheap, otherwise there’s no point in even going to the trade show. Plus, what happens for next year? If you buy higher quality signage, save it for next trade show! They will last much longer!

4. Trying To Cram Too Much On A Trade Show Signage Display – There’s A Lot You Want To Say. But Don’t Say It All On Your Signage Display.

Quality over quantity, right? You’re going to have a lot you want to say about your business but you can’t say it all on your trade show signage display. You can’t have it looking too busy and cluttered. Keep things bold and simple. It will catch the readers eye and not overwhelm stimuli.

5. Neglecting Brand Identity – You Need All Your Trade Show Signage To Be On-brand.

It’s not enough for your trade show signage display just to look professional and eye-catching; it must be on-brand, too. Use colors, font, styles, patterns, and graphics that are consistent with your branding. What does your logo look like? One suggestion would be to have the signage reflect some of the characteristics of your logo; try to keep your branding tactics consistent.

6. Not Contacting Plattsburgh Creative Signs To Make You The Best Trade Show Signage Display Possible.

If your business is located in Plattsburgh, Lake Placid, Massena, or anywhere nearby in New York, or even across the state border in or near Burlington, Vermont, and you have a trade show coming up, please contact us. We can make the perfect trade show signage display for your business.

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