How Does A Retractable Banner Design Differ From Other Kinds Of Banners?

How Does A Retractable Banner Design Differ From Other Kinds Of Banners?

The shape of every sign will tell its panel design. A magnetic vehicle sign and an acrylic sign that essentially say the same thing, still need to be designed differently. So, how should a retractable banner get designed?

Retractable Banners Are Some Of The Most Versatile And Practical Signs Around. What Should You Know About Their Design Before You Commission One?

Banners in general have a lot going for them. They’re lightweight and inexpensive. Maybe you’d love to have your Burlington, VT, business decked out in a surplus of electronic signs. However, of course that’s not practical for most businesses. Banners are always practical! They’re great for temporary usage, repeated usage (such as seasonal or annual), and can even be used as decoration. They are wonderful for branding your business too!

Your Classic Banner Is Oriented Horizontally And Is Hung From Ceiling Fixtures, But You Don’t Always Have The Infrastructure To Hang A Banner.

Some ceilings are too high or too low to hang a banner. Some just don’t have the space or the material to allow you to hang a banner. Plus sometimes, there is no ceiling; what will you do with a hanging banner at an outdoor event in Burlington? Thankfully, there is a type of banner that solves all these problems.

What Are The Different Types Of Banners?

Retractable banners retract into their own banner stand. That means you can set them up on the floor or ground wherever you need them.

The banner stand allows you to put  the banner down wherever you want, making it extremely useful. That the banner can retract into the stand makes it extremely portable and durable. These are, of course, great attributes, but how do they affect its design?

The Big Thing To Consider When It Comes To Retractable Banner Design Is Orientation: Almost All Retractable Banners Are Designed To Be Read Top-to-bottom.

Some banner stands can be situated horizontally, but these are mostly used as backdrops at outdoor events or at trade shows. Due to their size, retractability becomes impractical. There might be times that call for such banners for your Burlington business, but not often. Far more useful are narrower retractable banners that are designed vertically but this will affect their design.

Retractable banners are rarely designed with a lot of text. Because they’re vertical and narrow, you don’t want to print an entire paragraph on them; you’re not trying to recreate the opening crawl from a Star Wars film. Less is more with a retractable banner design. You want a few, impactful words and eye-catching graphics, colors, and/or patterning.

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