Monument Sign Tips

Monument Sign Tips

If you’re considering having a monument sign installed on your property in Plattsburgh or elsewhere in northern New York or Vermont, here are some handy tips.

Install Your Monument Sign As Close To The Nearest, Busiest Road As Possible.

The purpose of a monument sign is to make your business, property, or organization more visible than it would be from just a sign installed on your building or business itself. There are some great signs you can install on a building to identify it and promote the business within, such as window graphics, channel letters, and flag signs. But even large, bright, and colorful signs have their limitations.

If your building has a sizeable lawn, parking lot, or visual obstructions, such as trees and bushes, between it and the nearest road, people will struggle to notice any sign installed on your building itself. You don’t want people to be squinting at your business from a distance trying to read identifying signage as they drive, cycle, or even walk by. Installing a monument sign beside the road or highway solves this problem and heightens the visibility of your business.

Choose The Materials For Your Monument Sign Wisely.

You have many options for the materials of your monument sign. Some popular materials to consider for the base of your monument sign are brick, stone, stucco, metal, and wood. For the sign panel itself you can choose metal, wood, foam core, or plastic. The materials you choose should fit your budget, match your aesthetic, and be durable enough to withstand the often-harsh weather we get here in northern New York and Vermont.

Keep Style In Mind.

The aesthetic of your monument sign is key and its not just materials that matter. The typeface and color scheme you choose are also important. Your monument sign should be eye-catching but it should also be on brand with your business’s other signage and imaging. Plattsburgh Creative Signs can custom design your monument sign to accurately represent your business.

Keep Installation In Mind.

Make sure you hire a local sign company that offers sign installation to make your monument sign. Monument signs require professional sign installation. You don’t want to have to try to figure out how to install a monumentally heavy sign all by yourself.

Contact Plattsburgh Creative Signs For Great Monument Signs.

At Plattsburgh Creative Signs, we design and manufacture high-quality monument signs for clients in our Plattsburgh studio. We can install monument signs for clients in Plattsburgh, Lake Placid, Burlington, and anywhere else nearby in northern New York or Vermont. To learn more about monument signs, or about our other products and services, please contact us via our website or call 518-324-SIGN.


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