Do You Need Permits For Signs In Plattsburgh?

Do You Need Permits For Signs In Plattsburgh?

There are many things for which you need an official permit, but do you really need permits for signs? Learn all about sign permitting in Plattsburgh, NY.

Do You Really Need A Permit For A Sign In Plattsburgh, New York?

Sometimes, yes, you do need a permit to install a sign. This might seem odd at first, because signs seem like pretty basic, universal things. Why would a town like Plattsburgh, or Lake Placid, or Burlington require you to get permission to install a sign? The reason usually has to do with property modification and how installing a sign can affect your neighbors.

Why Do Signs Need Permits?

The signs that need permits are typically large, outdoor signs. Occasionally, lighted signs also require permits because of light pollution ordinances or because they can be considered to be distractions for drivers. Just as you might need approval from a municipal council or a zoning board to install a fence on your residential property or to cut down a tree, so too might you need a permit for a large sign.

A tall enough yard sign could cast a shadow on your neighbor’s property, so municipalities often have height restrictions. You also have to consider electrical lines and underground pipes. You may want to have a monument sign installed that’s not very tall, but local officials often want to make sure that the base won’t interfere with important infrastructure.

The Sign Permitting Process Is Not Always Simple.

Unfortunately, the process of securing a sign permit is not always straightforward. First, you have to figure out where to apply for one. Different jurisdictions have different application processes, so it can be significantly different from Plattsburgh to Lake Placid to Burlington and so on.

Then there’s the matter of filling out and submitting tedious paperwork. If you want an outdoor sign, you’re probably a business owner or a property manager or something similar. You have your own job to do and you can’t be worried about signage all the time. That’s why we at Plattsburgh Creative Signs offer sign permitting services that can take care all of this sign permitting minutiae for our clients.

Work With Plattsburgh Creative Signs For All Your Sign Permitting Needs In The North Country Of New York.

At Plattsburgh Creative Signs, we offer sign permitting services to our clients in Plattsburgh, Lake Placid, and anywhere else in the North Country of New York, as well as across the state border in Burlington, Vermont. We design and manufacture high-quality signs in our Plattsburgh studio and we can install them for clients anywhere nearby. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call 518-324-SIGN.

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