Uses for Monument Signs in the North Country of New York State

Uses for Monument Signs in the North Country of New York State

Monument signs are excellent tools to increase the visibility of your business and to contribute to an outstanding appearance. Curious about how a monument sign can help your North Country business?

What are Monument Signs For?

Let’s say that you operate a personal tax business out of an office on your home property in Lake Placid, NY. You might discover that people keep driving right past your office and have trouble finding you. By placing a monument sign on your lawn, you become more visible and stand out to competitors. Monument signs are large and they are located close to the street. Monument signs also have a secondary quality of making your business look more impressive. The look of your monument sign will depend a lot on the materials you choose. Common materials for monument signs include brick, stone, stucco, metal, and foam.

What’s the difference between a monument sign and a pylon sign? Which one is better suited for your business?

There is no dictionary definition delineating the difference between a monument sign and pylon sign. In the signage industry, we generally use the term “pylon sign” for a freestanding outdoor sign that is taller than it is wide. Monument signs are usually stouter, with a more horizontal look. If that Lake Placid personal tax services business mentioned above were instead situated just outside of Plattsburgh, NY, off Interstate 87, then a monument sign might not be the best choice. A pylon sign that reaches higher into the air will provide better visibility and could be seen by motorists from a distance as they drive by, even quickly.

What’s the difference between a monument sign and a tenant sign? How can you know which is better for your North Country business?

Unlike the pylon sign, there is no structural difference between a monument sign and a tenant sign. In fact, a tenant sign is a type of monument sign. While a monument sign promotes one business, a tenant sign promotes several businesses. The businesses are the tenants of a given property. A common place to see tenant signs in the North Country is on the property of a mall or strip mall. If you’re the property manager of a strip mall near Malone, NY, you want the businesses there to do as well as possible. A tenant sign can display all the business’s names, making them all easily identifiable.

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