Why It’s Important To Hire A Full-Service Sign Company

Why It’s Important to Hire a Full-Service Sign Company

When considering hiring a sign company, many factors should come into play, such as their experience in the industry, if they are well reviewed, and if they are a full-service company.

What Is A Full Service Sign Company?

A full-service sign company is a company like Plattsburgh Creative Signs that offers the full range of signage services, such as:

Hiring a full-service sign company benefits your organization saving you time, saving you money, and ensuring your satisfaction.

Save Time

When you have to hire three or four companies to do the job that one company could effectively do, it takes three or four times as long to complete the job.

Imagine the process if you collaborated with a designer on creating a design, and now you take it to a new contractor to be manufactured. Once they have had time to review the design specifications, they may have questions or require clarification. Instead of being able to walk down the hall and talk to the designer themselves, they have to find time to make a phone call to the designer. If people are busy, a rousing game of phone tag could add days, if not weeks, to the manufacturing time alone.

Now, repeat the process for installation, and again if nobody has sought to attain the proper permits needed to install your sign. So now a project that should have taken meer days to finish is now into two or three weeks.

Not to mention the additional costs.

Save Money

When there are communication breakdowns, as there are bound to be with so many cooks in the kitchen, this leads to errors. Errors are costly in both wages and resources spent to fix the errors. The wages spent on the communication breakdowns alone are costly, let alone once you factor in the cost to fix them. Using a full-service company doesn’t necessarily eliminate the possibility of errors, but it certainly decreases them.

Ensure Satisfaction

Working with one company from start to finish, you are able to collaborate with them fully. If they have questions, it is easier to deal with you directly and vice versa. Because there is nobody else involved in the process, it makes communicator errors and clarification issues easier to resolve, resulting in a product that you are satisfied with.

To save yourself some time, money, and quite frankly some sanity, avoid dealing with multiple concractors on your next signage project and hire a full-service sign company.

If you are looking for a full-service sign company in the Plattsburgh, NY, area, call Plattsburgh Creative Signs at 518-324-SIGN or click to request your consultation today!

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