What Is Window Film?

What Is Window Film?

Window film is a cost-effective and stylish way to help promote your brand. But what exactly is window film? At Plattsburgh Creative Signs, our signage specialists can help you create a custom wrap for your window or vehicle to boost your visibility and communicate with your desired audience.

What Is Window Film?

Window film is a thin polyethylene terephthalate laminate that adheres to the glass surfaces of homes, buildings, and vehicles. These can be used to tint windows, providing shade. You can also use them to promote your brand.

With a custom window vinyl, you can print just about anything from a graphic to a logo or a message in any size, shape, color, and style you want. This allows you to create a billboard out of your most underused assets; Your windows and vehicle fleets.

You might be wondering how it’s possible to wrap windows, even vehicles, without impeding the view? Even though the option for double-sided film is available, most films are made single-sided. This allows you to see the image printed on the vinyl from one side. From the other side, you’re simply looking out the window, only now the window is slightly and safely tinted. This tinting improves your ability to see clearly by preventing glare.

They enhance your view from the inside and are a highly effective way to communicate your brand messaging on the outside. Window film is a safe and cost-effective way to effectively help grow your business by turning virtually any flat surface into a way to communicate with your audience.

How Can I Use Window Film To Build My Brand?

1.    Frosted Privacy Windows

Create brand visibility and privacy at the same time with window film. Use window film to create a frosted glass effect to create the illusion of privacy, even if your office is a fishbowl surrounded by windows. Have your logo etched in the film to develop brand visibility

2.    A Wall Graphic

Turn a wall of windows into a larger-than-life graphic that can communicate your organization’s cultural identity or some words of inspiration. Whether you want a motivational message in your gym to inspire your guests, or a picture of the tempting dishes available in your restaurant, window film is a great way to make a big impact.

3.    Make Your Windows Pop

In addition to using films in your windows to advertise a sale, event, or promotion, you can also use them for decoration. Add a border to your retail window to create depth in your window displays, or use a film to artfully display some of the projects your architectural firm has worked on.

4.    Wrap Your Fleet

If you have a fleet of vehicles traveling around Plattsburgh completing jobs, think of how many people would see your organization’s name and number daily. It’s like having a fleet of roaming billboards that provide 24/7 visibility. No other advertising medium can give that kind of exposure.

When it’s time to take your business to the next level with window films or any other type of signage, call Plattsburgh Creative Signs at 518-324-SIGN or click to request your consultation.

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