Ways To Use Large Format Printing To Benefit Your Business

Ways To Use Large Format Printing To Benefit Your Business

When it comes to large format printing there are many ways you can use it as a service to benefit your business. From promotional materials to informational signage and more large format printing is a fast, cost -effective, and versatile method of getting your name out into the world.

According to the experts at Plattsburgh Creative Signs, these are the top five ways that you can use large format printing to benefit your business.


Large format printing is an excellent option for printing banners. Do you want to display your logo at a special event or turn many heads for your grand opening? A Banner is a great way to do just that. They are easy to travel with, durable, cost-effective, and highly customizable with an array of color, size, shape, and style options.

Wall And Floor Graphics

If you want to make a lasting impression overall wall and floor graphics will do just that. Wall graphics are a way to make a big statement whether that be with a graphic that illustrated your overarching brand themes, some words of inspiration for your visitors, or communicate your brand messaging. Floor graphics can be used to direct traffic around the premises. Use arrows or footsteps to literally show guests around, or establish line boundaries in shared spaces. These seemingly small touches make for a memorable and enjoyable guest experience.


Posters can be used to advertise special events like movies, concerts, or tradeshows. They can also be used to relay information like employee health and safety information, or parking regulations. Additionally, posters can be used to communicate rules and regulations like at a pool or construction site. There are many ways to use posters around your business.

Trade Show Signage

Trade shows are an excellent way to gain valuable exposure for your brand but you need to find a way to stand out amongst everyone else. Thanks to large format printing, you can get everything you need for an impactful trade show booth from posters and banners to wall graphics and pop-up displays.

Window Decals

When it comes to advertising a sale, promotion, or anything else that is time sensitive, window decals and stickers are an excellent way to communicate it to your audience. They are made of vinyl and are customized to your exact size, shape, color and style specifications. They come with and adhesive backing which allows them to be affixed onto any clean, flat surface like your windows and doors. Use them to communicate to people in your establishment and to people walking by.

Whether you are looking to make a bold entry to the business world with your grand opening, make a name for yourself at the upcoming trade show, or anything in between, think of Plattsburgh Creative Signs for all your large format printing needs.

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