8 Ways To Use Hanging Banners

8 Ways To Use Hanging Banners

Hanging banners are effective, inexpensive, easy to install, and they’re versatile. Just how versatile are hanging banners? Here are eight ways to use hanging banners.

1. Use Hanging Banners To Indicate What Products Are In Different Aisles.

Grocery stores, drugstores, and any retail store with aisles need a way of indicating to people what products are in each of those aisles. So, why not use a tall banner with the products printed on it and hang it above the aisle from the ceiling?

2. Use Hanging Banners To Celebrate A Grand Opening.

Is it really a grand opening if you don’t have a banner that says so? A “grand opening” banner is suitable for the opening of any business, from restaurants, to retail stores, to gyms, and more.

3. Hanging Banners Are Great For Promoting Special Sales Or Events.

A grand opening is just one of the events for which a hanging banner is suitable. Use a hanging banner to promote a seasonal sale or special promotion.

4. Use Hanging Banners For Your Outdoor Event.

Hanging banners are little tricker outdoors because there are no ceilings. So what can you hang a banner from? A tree branch, an awning, or the fence of a baseball diamond are all options. If your school’s fair is coming up, consider identifying and promoting it with a large hanging banner.

5. Hanging Banners Are Effective At Branding Spaces.

If your business involves a hall or lobby or any other kind of big, open space, consider using a hanging banner to brand that space as belonging to your business.

6. No Trade Show Display Is Complete Without A Banner.

Banners are perfect for trade shows, so if you have something from which to hang a banner, you should incorporate one or more into your display. If not, consider using standing, retractable banners. Or use both.

7. Use Hanging Banners To Provide Directional Information.

For department stores, convention centers, and warehouses, you can use hanging banners to people find their way around. Such spaces can be quite large and confusing, but there aren’t always places on walls which are practical for a wayfinding sign. A hanging banner could be the solution.

8. Hanging Banners Can Just Be Decorative If You Want.

Sometimes banners are just fun. Use a hanging banner to decorate your restaurant, your retail store, or any other business or property you manage.

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