What Are ADA Signs And How Do They Work?

What are ADA Signs and How do they Work?

If you own or manage a business, organization, institution, or property in the North Country of New York or northern Vermont, there are probably ADA laws that apply to you. But what are ADA laws and how do they affect signage?

ADA Signs Are Designed To Be Read By The Maximum Number Of People Possible, Regardless Of Disability.

ADA stands for “Americans with Disabilities Act”. This was a US federal law passed in 1990 that prohibited discrimination based on disability. This initial law inspired subsequent state and municipal laws all over the country, as well as a subsequent federal law. To comply with ADA laws and regulations, signage for businesses and organizations that deal with the general public and/or have a certain number of employees must be readable by everybody who is able to read.

Why Are ADA Signs Necessary?

According to the National Institutes of Health, over a million Americans are blind. When you include all types of visual impairments, there are between three and four million people with poor vision. According to the National Federation of the Blind, there are about 418,000 people in the New York and 14,100 people in Vermont who have a visual disability of some kind. Without proper ADA signs, your New York or Vermont business won’t be able to serve these people. But it goes beyond simply losing out on people’s business. If your business doesn’t have ADA signs, you can be fined a substantial amount money.

What Makes A Sign An ADA Sign?

ADA signs have to be designed to maximize visibility and legibility. This means all text must be quite large so near-sighted people and people with astigmatism can make out the words. It also means avoiding certain color combinations as some colors are indistinguishable to those who have a color blindness. Placement is also key. You can be in breach of ADA laws simply by installing your signs in a low-visibility place. Lastly, some ADA signs should include braille – the alphabetical system that uses raised bumps on a surface that people can read with their fingers.

Plattsburgh Creative Signs

Plattsburgh Creative Signs can design, manufacture, and install ADA signs in Plattsburgh and anywhere in the North Country, as well as in northwestern Vermont. We fabricate most of our signage in our Plattsburgh studio and we also offer consultative design services. We’re knowledgeable about ADA laws in both New York and Vermont and can advise clients how to make their signs ADA compliant. To learn more about our services and products,  please contact us via our website or call 518-324-SIGN.

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