4 Reasons To Get A Monument Sign

4 Reasons To Get A Monument Sign

Learn about monument signs, how they might help your northern New York or Vermont business, and four reasons to have one installed on your property.

1. Install A Monument Sign If You Have A Parking Lot On Your Property.

Monument signs are freestanding, exterior signs. They are typically quite large, though they’re not often tall. The base can be made of brick, stone, concrete, or wood. The panel can be made of wood, fiberglass, plastic, metal, dimensional letters, or it can be carved in stone. The purpose of these signs is to identify buildings and businesses in ways that signs installed on those buildings cannot.

A common example of this involves parking lots. If your business or property has a sizeable parking lot, then there’s likely to be quite a distance between the main building and the nearest road. This makes it difficult for drivers to notice your business or building as they pass by. If you’re far enough away, even cyclists and pedestrians might not notice you. A monument sign at the edge of your parking lot right by the road makes it much easier for people to notice your business or property.

2. Install A Monument Sign On Your Yard.

A parking lot isn’t the only thing that can put distance between your business or building and the nearest street. Yards are nice to have, but they can produce the same visibility problems as parking lots do. A monument sign on the edge of your yard can solve this issue.

3. Install A Monument Sign To Brand Exterior Spaces.

Not all buildings need to be identified by passersby, but monument signs can still be useful. A good example for this is a subdivision, such as a townhouse complex. A monument sign can welcome people home, brand the front yard or courtyard as belonging to the complex, and entice home buyers to look into purchasing a town home there.

4. Install A Monument Sign To Increase The Visibility Of A New Business.

Monument signs can be especially useful for new businesses in older buildings or on established properties. A dentist may have previously occupied the building out of which you now operate. People in your community might still associate your location with that dentist. A new monument sign can remind them that there is a new business there now.

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