7 Outdoor Signs To Consider For Your North Country Business

7 Outdoor Signs to Consider for Your North Country Business

If you’re looking for the best signs to promote, identify, and brand the exterior of your North Country business, here are seven outdoor signs worth considering.

1. Channel Letters

Channel letters are individually crafted, three-dimensional, illuminated letters. They’re ideal outdoor signs for spelling out the name of your business. Because they’re 3D, the font you choose can express more of the quality of your brand. And because they’re lighted, channel letters can be seen from further away than nonlighted signs. They also remain highly visible at night and in the rain, snow, and fog.

2. Window Signs And Graphics

Window signs and graphics are typically installed on the inside of windows, but because they project outwards, they act as outdoor signs. They’re most often made of vinyl that’s adhered to the window. They’re great for identifying stores and businesses with shopfront windows.

3. Door Signs

If you don’t have a large front window, you can always use a door sign. Door signs can identify businesses, display hours of operation, and welcome patrons.

4. Aluminum Signs

Aluminum is an inexpensive, lightweight, and durable metal. Because it’s affordable, aluminum is a great material for practical outdoor signs. Use aluminum sign panels to display parking information, to ask people not to loiter, or to direct people to the entrance.

5. Monument Signs

Monument signs increase the visibility of businesses. Imagine a hardware store in Malone, NY, that has a large parking lot. People driving by won’t necessarily be able to see a sign installed on the store itself because it’s so far away with the parking lot in front of it. With a monument sign installed by the nearest road, people passing by will have no problem noticing and identifying this Malone hardware store.

6. Yard Signs

Some businesses also have large yards. Whether you own a business or manage a property with a yard, a yard sign is a great way to identify it. The most common yard sign is the post and panel sign. The sign panel is held in place by one or two posts and an arm or crossbar. You can even hang the panel from the arm or crossbar to allow it to sway gently in the breeze.

7. Flag Signs

Flags also move in the wind. This slight movement is enough to grab people’s attention. Flag signs are great temporary or supplemental outdoor signs.

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