For Which Purposes And Vehicles Do Graphics Work Best?

For Which Purposes And Vehicles Do Graphics Work Best?

Vehicle graphics are excellent for promoting businesses great and small in northern New York and Vermont. But do vehicle graphics and wraps work on all vehicles? For all businesses?

Vehicle Graphics And Vehicle Wraps Are Perhaps The Most Cost-effective Form Of Promotion Available.

A small magnetic sign on your truck displaying the name of your one-man Handyman business in Massena, NY, costs almost nothing. Large-scale vehicle graphics that wrap around onto multiple sides of each vehicle in your fleet in Plattsburgh cost quite a bit more. And lettering on the van you use as an electrician in Champlain costs somewhere in between. Regardless, each example is much cheaper than paying for a radio ad or television commercial. Furthermore, it allows you to promote your business at no extra cost.

How Can Vehicle Graphics Help A Business?

Let’s take that Champlain electrician as an example. When you work in the trades, you have a nomadic working life. A schoolteacher in Massena or an office worker in Plattsburgh go to the same workplace every day. But not an electrician. This electrician might work in a house in Champlain on Monday, in that Plattsburgh office building on Tuesday, in that Massena school on Wednesday, take Thursday off, and then work three different jobs over the weekend including one across the state line in Burlington, VT.

That’s a lot of driving. That’s a lot of time stuck in your van, losing time in traffic and losing money on fuel. But vehicle graphics change the whole equation. With vehicle graphics, every minute you spend commuting becomes a minute you spend promoting your electrician business. How many people do you drive past on a given day? A couple hundred? A thousand? More? Vehicle graphics allow you to generate countless impressions just by going about your daily business.

Fleet Graphics Are Especially Effective.

If you manage a car or van rental service, a taxi service, or any other kind of business that uses a fleet of vehicles, you really should have vehicle wraps or graphics installed on each one of them. Not only does this add to your promotion, it makes your fleet look uniform and therefore more professional and more identifiable.

Vehicle Wraps And Graphics Aren’t Just For Cars.

Whether it’s a Plattsburgh taxi car, a Champlain van, or a Massena truck, vehicle wraps and graphics can be installed on just about any vehicle. If your Plattsburgh business rents out pleasure craft on Lake Champlain, you can even use boat graphics.

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