Let’s Get Monumental! Let’s Talk Monument Signs!

Let’s Get Monumental! Let’s Talk Monument Signs!

Needing an upgrade? Does your business need help standing out to its competitors? You’ll really stand out with a monument sign! What’s so great about monument signs and why do we keep mentioning them? Read more to find out!

When you hear the words, monument signs, what pops into your head? Probably a big exterior sign outside of a big business, right? Well let’s break it down! A monument sign is an a large exterior sign that helps identify, define, and/or brand a business. Plus, it’s not one that can easily be ignored. A lot of business signage can be on the smaller scale. However, with monument signs, people will drive by and do a double take at your building because of it!

Monument signs don’t have to be the size of the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty…we can custom one that will fit your specific needs for your business. Similarly, we can create it using a variety of materials! Some can include but are not limited to brick, stone, metal, foam, and stucco.

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