The Magic Of Window Film

The Magic Of Window Film

While not actually magic, window film can seem like magic when you think about it. What can this magical form of signage do for your business in Northern New York or Vermont?

Window Graphics Are Always An Efficient Form Of Signage.

Some windows are too small for graphics. Some windows are not in high-visibility areas. And sometimes window graphics don’t really work for the aesthetic of your business. Here are three reasons, and there’s an additional fourth reason which we will get to later, why you might not want to install graphics on a window in your business. However, if you have a window that doesn’t fit any of these criteria, and you don’t have window graphics on it, you’re missing an opportunity to promote yourself.

Shop windows maybe shouldn’t always have window graphics, but the truth is probably pretty close to always. You might choose to identify your Plattsburgh ice cream parlor with a couple of branded flag signs. You might effectively use a sidewalk sign to promote and identify your Lake Placid spa. Or maybe your Burlington personal accountancy business is located far from the nearest road, so you identify yourself with a monument sign or business sign. All are great options, but none of them mean you won’t benefit from also installing a window graphic in your front window. Window graphics are excellent for identifying and promoting businesses, branding spaces, conveying important information—hours of operation, COVID-19 policies, etc.—and for grabbing people’s attention.

But What If You Want To Use Your Window As. . .A Window?

Window graphics are effective and they can make your business look professional and successful. But to be effective they need to be large enough to seen, which might prevent you from being able to look out your window. Do you really want a window graphic that hinders your ability to see who’s outside and obscures the sunlight? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a window graphic.

Herein lies the beauty of window film. Window film is a type of window graphic that works sort of like a two-way mirror; people outside see your beautiful window graphic, but inside, you can still see outside. Seems like magic, right? It is, kind of, but just like two-way mirrors, window film can be explained with science. Window film utilizes many tiny perforations in the graphic that allow for this optical effect. And window film isn’t useful just for front windows. You can even install window film on your work vehicle (though not on your windshield). This way you can promote your business everywhere you drive.

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