The Smartest Way To Advertise Your Business In The North Country

The Smartest Way to Advertise Your Business in the North Country

What’s the smartest way to advertise your northern New York or Vermont business? Hire social media influencers? A sublime new guerilla marketing strategy? An expensive television ad? No. It’s probably a vehicle graphic.

Some jobs require a lot of driving. Normally, all this time spent driving is an annoying hassle. But you can turn that time into something more valuable with a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics.

Let’s say you’re a plumber based in Plattsburgh, New York. Every day, you could be driving to a new job site. Maybe even more than once a day. Maybe there’s an emergency in somebody’s home in Lake Placid that you have to attend to. Perhaps you’re in charge of all the plumbing in somebody’s brand new home in Malone. Or maybe you’re the go-to plumber for an office building in Burlington, Vermont. Regardless of the exact locations, you’ll be driving quite a bit.

And that can be frustrating. Frustrating because all that time stuck in traffic on I-87 is a bore and also because clients have a tendency to balk at paying you for a 15-minute job, forgetting that it took you an hour to get there. But there’s a way to assuage all these issues: with vehicle graphics. A vehicle wrap won’t solve all of your business problems, but it’s a pretty darn good thing to have.

Figuring out marketing and advertising plans for a small business is notoriously difficult. But if your business owns one or more work vehicles, it would be foolish not to install a vehicle wrap or graphic on your vehicle.

Advertising can cost a lot of money. It can be tough to know if you’re reaching your target demographic in Lake Placid, Malone, or anywhere else. Many small businesses choose to forgo the whole headache all together, but then securing new clients can be really hard. However, by installing vehicle graphics, you’re advertising your business at a minimal cost. You have to drive around all the time anyway and vehicle graphics and even large-scale vehicle wraps are not particularly expensive. Moreover, they usually pay for themselves in short order.

You can generate hundreds of impressions everyday with a vehicle graphic. Maybe even thousands. Plumbers, electricians, house painters, landscapers, and more can all benefit from well-designed vehicle graphics. But the benefits of a vehicle wrap are not unique to tradespeople. Private tutors, food deliverers, and home cleaning services can also all benefit from vehicle graphics. And if your business owns a fleet of vehicles you simply need vehicle graphics. Not only do fleet graphics advertise your services and promote your business, they also help to identify your vehicles so people can recognize them, and they make your operation look a lot more professional.

Vehicle Graphics and wraps are incredibly effective promotional tools. But only if they’re designed and manufactured by a skilled, knowledgeable, and professional local sign studio.

Vehicle graphics can depict just about anything, but they should usually display the name of your business perhaps accompanied by a logo, slogan, phone number, and website. Vehicle wraps are larger because they ‘wrap’ around the vehicle. For advice on which is better for your purposes, or to answer any other questions you, please contact Plattsburgh Creative Signs today.

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