What Is A Monument Sign And Why Do You Need One?

What Is A Monument Sign And Why Do You Need One?

Monument signs are an effective option to get your business or property noticed. But not everybody needs a monument sign. This article will help you decide if a monument sign is the right option for your business.

What Is A Monument Sign?

A monument sign is a large standalone sign. Monument signs feature a sign panel sitting atop or within its own base. The panel can be made of wood, plastic, foam core, high-density urethane, or one of several metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, and more. The base is usually made of brick, stone, poured concrete, metal, or wood. The sign panel can be a flush two-dimensional plane, or you can install dimensional letters on it or engrave your text into the sign panel.

What Are Monument Signs Used For?

Monument signs are usually used to identify and promote businesses and properties. However, they’re used in key situations. Imagine a ski resort or lodge somewhere outside of Lake Placid. This resort is probably recessed from the road; the reception area, cabins, and other buildings are probably a ways back from the nearest road. There’s likely at least a parking lot in between the main building and the road, not to mention a large yard, a dense forest, and maybe even a hill.

People driving by will not be able to notice this Lake Placid resort if the only identifying sign it has is located in its front window or on the exterior wall of the main building. However, if they installed a monument sign beside the road where the driveway is, people will easily be able to notice it and turn down the driveway. This Lake Placid resort could make a stay with them easier and more pleasurable for their guests and could increase spontaneous business from people driving around looking for a place to stay.

What Are Some Options Similar To Monument Signs?

A tenant sign has the same function and style as a monument sign with one key difference. A tenant sign advertises a number of businesses on the same property, such as a strip mall, shopping center, or business park. Tenant signs are typically built with replaceable tiles that you can swap out as businesses move in and out of the property.

Work With Plattsburgh Creative Signs To Get The Best Monument Sign For Your Business Or Property.

Plattsburgh Creative Signs can design, manufacture, and install customized and attractive monument signs for clients in Lake Placid, Plattsburgh, Burlington, and anywhere nearby in the North Country of New York State or northern Vermont. To learn more about monument signs, please get in touch with us via our website or call us at 518-324-7446.

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