What Is Large Format Printing?

What Is Large Format Printing?

You need the right tools for the right job. The bigger the job, the more important this axiom becomes. Just what tools do you need for large signs? Is large format printing involved?

With Larger Signs Come Greater Visibility. But Only If The Signs Are Clearly Visible.

Let’s say you manage a business off Main Street in Malone, New York. You really want at least one commercial sign to be visible to road traffic that drives by. So, you commission a large outdoor sign to install on your storefront or maybe on a monument sign closer to Main Street. But the problem is, you can’t simply take a storefront sign you already have and just blow it up to a larger size.

Signs don’t always scale up properly. Without the proper tools and technique, large signs look blurry and bad. It’s like trying to zoom in on a photo on your cell phone. It reduces the resolution. This makes your Malone business look bad. First, people might not be able to read your sign at all. Second, even if they can read it, the fact that it looks blurry will make people think your Malone business lack professionalism and competence. And you don’t want that.

What Are Some Uses For Large Format Printing?

Beyond its use in the manufacturing of standalone signs, large format printing can be used for other types of signs. Let’s say you’re organizing an outdoor event in Champlain, NY. Outdoor events often require a lot of signage, including large signs. With large format printing, that’s not a problem. You can stock your Champlain fall fair with large banners that identify your fair, thank sponsors, and just generally brand the space. Large format printing can also be used to make banners for trade shows or for a big sale at your Champlain retail store.

Large Format Printing Is Available To Customers In Malone, Champlain, And Elsewhere In The North Country Of New York State As Well As Vermont.

For large format printing to work, you don’t’ just need the right printers and software, you also need sign manufacturers who know what they’re doing. Large signs that look fuzzy and blurry just won’t cut it.

Plattsburgh Creative Signs

At Plattsburgh Creative Signs, we have both the right tools and the knowhow the execute brilliant looking large format signs. If you’re located in Champlain, Malone, or anywhere nearby in the North Country of New York or across the state border in Vermont, and would like to learn more about large format printing, please get in touch with us today via our website or by calling us at 518-324-SIGN and we’ll take care of all your large format printing needs.

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