6 Building Signs To Identify And Promote Your North Country Building

6 Building Signs To Identify And Promote Your North Country Building

Any sign on a building can be called a “building sign”. Usually, however, the term is reserved for exterior signs that identify and promote buildings. Here are six signs to consider for your building in the North Country of New York.

1. Channel Letters Make Great Building Signs For Commercial Businesses.

Channel letters simply—but effectively—spell out the name of your North Country business. The letters are three dimensional, so they allow for character to be crafted into their design. Furthermore, they are illuminated, so they can be seen from further away and read at night or in the snow, rain, or fog. Channel letters are great for any kind of commercial building, from a restaurant in Plattsburgh, to a bar in Lake Placid, to a drugstore in Ticonderoga.

2. Door Signs Are Good For Small Buildings And Can Be Effective Supplemental Building Signage.

It’s always good to put a sign on your front door, even if it’s as simple as an OPEN/CLOSED sign. Decals, vinyl lettering, and aluminum signs are all options for door signs. If a big Plattsburgh restaurant has channel letters identifying and promoting it, a door sign to mark the entrance is still useful.

3. Window Graphics Are Great Building Signs For Retail Stores.

For shops, salons, and other small businesses with a front window, a window sign makes for effective building signage. That Ticonderoga drugstore can use vinyl lettering to display its name. Larger businesses can use window film. A gym in Lake Placid could use window film to depict floor-to-ceiling images of fit people working out that make a solid image to those looking from outside, while those inside can still see out.

4. Aluminum Building Signs Are Good Utilitarian Building Signs.

Rectangular aluminum plaques aren’t good for promotion, but they are good functional signage. For example, you could use an aluminum sign to identify an equipment shed at a Lake Place ski resort.

5. Monument Signs Are Great For Buildings That Are Far Away From The Nearest Road.

Not all businesses are located right beside the road. If you have a parking lot or yard between your building and the nearest street, installing a monument sign closer to curb will help passersby identify your building.

6. Sidewalk Signs Act As Effective Building Signs For Businesses And Organizations On Small Or Pedestrian-Heavy Streets.

It might be stretching the definition of a building sign, but sidewalk signs are great for identifying a business that people might otherwise walk or drive right past.

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